Pallet racking protection is a need every warehousing business should implement. Protection of your rack also means you value the health and welfare of your workers. Moreover, your stored products are in a much secure place because your racking system is in a good condition. Lastly, pallet racking protection is a cost-effective and long-term investment.

Although, the pallet racking protection can benefit a business in the long run, many facility owners neglect the importance of a healthy and safe working environment. Thus, it leads to frequent accidents, damaged items, and additional repair/change cost.

pallet racking protection


Fork lift truck collision against the racking is expected in a warehouse setting. Accordingly, it is important to incorporate racking protection to your storage solutions. The protection will also prolong the utilization of your pallets at the same it will also minimize repair expenses. There are many available types of protectors, from basic to the specific usage, that have been developed over the years.

Here are some of the basics:

  1. Frame Protectors/Extensions

This type of rack protector is usually installed at the uppermost of each frame to avoid stored materials on the top beam levels from falling. The frame extension is ideal for preventing rack failure through protecting and supporting mounted brackets.

  1. Column Guards

Column guards minimize damage that can be caused by impact loads. This usually happens when installations with heavy or fast moving products so upright protectors are important in maintaining the lifetime and capacity of the racking. They are also for avoidance of collisions. These protectors are typically installed on both sides of the uprights. Additionally, column guards create a buffer between the rack and forklift to make the impact of possible collision less severe.

  1. Down Aisle Protection

The possibility of fork lift crash to racks is inevitable. The down aisle protection acts as guide for operators and their forklift trucks to travel without running-off course into the rack.

  1. Safety Beam Locks

          Beams displacing from the uprights can cause major stress in the warehouse environment. Beam safety locks keeps the beams secure making it a requirement for all rack uprights.

  1. End of Row Protection

          End of row prevents the individual columns from being directly hit by forklifts moving through aisles. It basically defends and shields the columns for a forklift collision.


Ensure a safe working environment by implementing a protection and maintenance system to your pallet racks.