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  • Pallet Protection
Pallet Protection

Product Overview

Pigeon hole rack is a cost-effective and practical solution for improving stock picking duties while ensuring that stock visibility is still high. This racking system is perfect for achieving an organised picking area. The use of the pigeon hole racking systems helps in simplification of the supply chain management. It establishes a fast delivery of orders.

  • Good for organisation of various items.
  • Best for specific item picking of long products of small volume.
  • Product protection.
  • Ideal for sorting communication in workplace.
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About Pigeon Hole Racking

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This racking system is also suitable for storing wide variety of different items. If you’re stock profile is comprised of various items, pigeon hole rack is a flexible solution to ever-changing stock profile. They can also be the best substitute or a stable racking system for expensive shelf bins.

The pigeon hole units are usually used by high street retailers because of the need for storage of large quantities of stock in their small stores. Combining slim posts and narrow beams can create an efficient storage solution which can also be incorporated into even the weirdest shaped stock rooms.

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