Shuttle Racking

The shuttle racking system is the most suitable solution for businesses that have a high volume of pallets per item and thorough load and unload activity. This type of racking offers a compact storage system wherein shuttle is driven by an electric motor runs inside the storage channels. Through this, forklift trucks are replaced and operating times are reduced. Moreover, items needed for grouping by channels instead of complete lanes are enabled.

Shuttle Racking

The shuttle racking can be operated through a Wi-Fi enabled tablet. The racking system is generally for depositing load in the first available placement location in the channel. The purpose is to make the pallets compact as much as possible. Increase in storage capacity in terms of depth, low risk of accidents and less damage to the racks are few results of the having a no forklift trucks into the lane.  The warehouse operation is also more flexible because of the modernised and improved operator’s activities.

The shuttle racking works either with FIFO or LIFO method. Products are handled within the channels. These items are carried out by using a remote-controlled pallet shuttle. Pallet shuttles are the keys to the removal of the need for forklift trucks. However, handling the pallets outside of the rack is still typically done with the use of standard forklift trucks. These methods make shuttle system the ideal alternative for drive-in racking and live storage in various situations such as Beverage production and distribution,  food production,  (3) processing of meat, and other drive-in/drive-through racking use.

How Shuttle Racking Can Benefit your Warehouse Solutions?

Shuttle racking offers great advantage to your business.

  • High throughput
  • Operating costs are reduced.
  • Productivity rate is increased due to the high flow of incoming and outgoing items.
  • Diversification of items is better because each channel is accessible to store different items.
  • Reduced maintenance and incidents costs.
  • Tablet controller has many advanced options with corresponding functions.