Townsville Pallet Racking Inspections

It’s important to remember that you will need to regularly get your racking systems inspected and approved when installing one in your warehouse. Australian Guidelines state that your systems must be inspected for damaged and approved every 12 months to ensure you’re adhering to workplace health and safety standards. Pallet Racking Queensland offers Pallet Racking Townsville Safety Inspections that can provide you with a comprehensive safety reports and can hel you fix any damaged with our state of the art equipment.

Townsville Pallet Racking Services

It’s important to find a reliable and qualified Pallet Racking provider that you trust to keep your systems as safe and secure as they can be. Pallet Racking Queensland have been in the pallet racking industry for over 40 years and are backed by a team of professionals that can guarantee your Townsville Pallet Racking systems adhere to highest sfety standards.

  • Pallet Racking Safety Inspections

  • Selective Pallet Racking & Cantilever Racking

  • Drive-in Racking

  • Cable Racking

  • Tyre Racking

  • Narrow Aisle Racking

  • Carpet Racking

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About Our Townsville Pallet Racking Services

Does your Townsville warehouse pallet racking system provide the maximum efficiency? 

Why PRQ is the Best in Townsville

With over 40 years experience in assisting businesses to remain compliant with their pallet racking obligations – contact Pallet Racking Queensland today!

Whether you need a shelving solution or a complicated pallet racking design, PRQ has experience and the knowledge to do it all. At PRQ we specialise in providing affordable pallet racking services and inspections to businesses in Townsville, including the outter regions and suburbs of Townsville.

Ensuring that your pallet racking is inspected once per year is also essential for ensuring the safety of your employees and in order to adhere to the Australian safety standards. Our team of professional, experienced and qualified pallet racking specialists will look for potential hazards with your pallet racking design & provide recommendations to rectify this or book in a time for one of our team to come in and make any repairs.

It’s important to ensure you have regular safety inspections on your racking systems to maintain proper safety. Our Pallet Racking experts are profession and qualified to look for hazards in design and everyday wear and tear.

Townsville Warehouse Racking Systems

We can help install pallet racking systems that make the most of your warehouse space whilst also ensuring to inform and instruct others on how to correctly store items to preserve the lifetime of the system.

We are also expertly trained to redesign your current pallet racking systems – in addition, we can complete a safety inspection before making recommendations to improve the efficiency within your warehouse. 

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