Upright, Mobile, Movable Shelving (often referred to as Compactor shelving or Compactus shelving) , is a very popular storage option for businesses that still require the physical archiving of documents. Law Firms, museums, libraries, Accounting firms and archiving suppliers often use these high-density storage systems when space is at a premium.yellow compactor shelving units, compactus shelving

The compactus units more than double the storage of conventional shelving as the compacting units slide tightly together. The units are mounted on tracks that allow the upright units to be easily spread apart. When a document is required the units are slid apart, and then pushed tightly together again when not in use.

A stable environment is essential for the preservation of rare or historic documents. Dust, fluctuations in temperature, UV from sunlight, humidity, microbial activity and insect invasion can all rapidly deteriorate documents.  High quality Compactus shelving can address all these environmental issues.

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