Cable racking (or drum racking) systems are designed to provide easy access to rope, cord, chain, electrical cable and many other coiled products.

long line of cable racking bays, Cable racking


Drums (or spindles) are used to hold the coiled item and a steel rod is inserted through the drum centre. The steel rods are generally hollow pipe with a range of nominal bore sizes depending on the drum. In circumstances where the drum weight (800 Kgs and more) is excessive then a solid pipe, or bar, is used.


Cable racking is often installed in Brisbane and Queensland warehouses. The team at PRQ is regularly involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of cable racking for organisations such as Energex that utilise a lot of cable.


Two main systems are generally utilised in cable racking:


J Bracket used for light weight cable drums, Cable racking

Cable Racking J Bracket

  • The first is the j bracket which attaches to the front upright of the rack. J Brackets are fine for very light drums but are not recommended for heavier drums. J brackets don’t distribute the weight of the drum evenly across the upright frames and for this reason are rarely used by the team at PRQ.


  • The second system is the ‘deep support’ (occasionally known as a g bracket) bar. This design utilises a bar that runs from the front upright to the rear upright allowing the drum pipe to sit centrally in the frame. Distribution of weight across the frame is much better, and safer, in this design. For minimal extra expense, the deep support bar is the PRQ recommended solution for cable (or drum) racking.


Cable Racking front view, Cable rackingCable rack is customisable to your specific needs. Depending on the size of the drum, its weight, your loading equipment and the height of the warehouse the PRQ team can easily design a solution to meet your needs. A popular height is a 4267mm high bay with between 3 and 6 deep supports for holding the drums, and between 4 and 7 horizontal beams holding the frames together. Bottom welded beams are used at the base to maximise space to the floor. Side view of a three level cable rack bay, Cable racking


In summary, cable racking is a very flexible option to store drums of coiled products. The rack provides immediate access to product, is easily adjusted to suit the changing needs of your business, and utilises the incredibly strong roll-formed steel materials used in your other pallet racking.