Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving is made for the manual loading and unloading of items. Various products can be stored in this type of shelving ranging from the tiniest components to the largest and even irregular shaped goods.  Long span is ideal for supermarkets, pharmacies, automotive components, hospitals, libraries and etc.

Long span shelving is available in wide-ranging widths and depths allowing users to customize it to their needs. Typically, long span shelves are made of chipboard. However, other materials such as steel and timber can be used depending on what are the possible items to be stored on them. Designing and building one comes with a different support range making it also suitable for the heavy items bulk storage.


Long span bays are also versatile. They can be combined to medium span bays in the same rack to give the best storage for varied-sized products. This makes the long span shelving easily adjustable. Heights and configurations can be changed in the future as the need arises.

long span shelving

 A Closer Look to Long Span Shelving

This shelving system is typically used to store long or bulky items that weights up to 780kg per shelf. 1.2m and 3m distance is observed for racking uprights. For moist warehouse, keep in mind that wood based products are not ideal. Consequently, it is best to use galvanised steel shelf panels as chipboard that sit on the top of the shelf beams.

The long span type of shelving is also easy to install and highly adjustable. It has the slotted uprights that are sturdy enough to hold shelf levels at any given or required height. One can simply form long runs of this shelving solution by using starter extensions bays. Always look for Australia FSC certified chipboard wood because these materials came from responsibly managed forests.