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Victorian Pallet Racking Inspections

If you have operational pallet racking in your warehouse, it is important to consider that you will require an annual safety audit by a competent and experienced inspector. The new Australian Standards for steel storage racking (AS4084) states that your racking system must be inspected for damage and made compliant every 12 months.

From impact damage, missing componentry, corrosion to overloading, it is essential to engage professional racking inspectors to guide you towards compliance.

Do your safe work load signs match your rack configuration? Are they easily read and not blocked by materials or other obstacles? Do your forklift drivers understand the information on the signs? As part of the new Australian Standard there is a greater focus and detail required with your safe work load signs.

Another focus for clients must be the safety and compliance of pallets. There are specific requirements around timber, plastic and steel pallets that need to be adhered to. PRQ Australia provides a comprehensive review during our Racking Safety inspections.

About our service offer across Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Are you aware that with the change of the Australian Standard (AS4084-2023) there is a change in the obligation to have active steel storage racking inspected annually?

PRQ Australia have been operating across Melbourne and Regional Victoria for a number of years offering a comprehensive inspection, repairs and compliance service to clients with operational pallet racking.

Ensuring that your pallet racking is inspected annually is also essential for ensuring the safety of your employees and in order to adhere to the Australian safety standards. Our team of professional, experienced and qualified Inspectors and pallet racking specialists, will look for potential safety hazards with your pallet racking, provide a comprehensive report and repair quote if required. Once your pallet racking is compliant, you will be provided with a Compliance Letter which is valid until your next inspection.

PRQ Australia also provides our clients across Victoria with training on the Australian Standard and basic internal inspections. We outline key sections of the current Standard as well as tips and tricks to avoid non-compliance. Additionally PRQ Australia can provide your business with an “internal” checklist that your Health and Safety staff can use to complete regular racking checks at intervals that suit your business.

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Melbourne and Regional Victoria


Our inspection service provides an efficient vaule for money process for businesses focused on workplace health and safety.

What is a bay

What is a bay?

A bay is the space between two upright frames.

About Our Victorian Inspection Service

Why PRQ are the best in Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Inspections – The PRQ Australia inspection process is simple and cost effective, we have
not only qualified, experienced and customer focused Inspectors, but Project Coordinators (PC’s) that will manage the compliance process for you. If there is work to be done to gain compliance, our PC’s will arrange a quote, order materials, ensure site delivery, coordinate installation, and provide all relevant compliance documentation once the job has been completed.

The PRQ Australia Full-Service Audit ensures you will have peace of mind throughout the duration of the process. PRQ Australia will inspect and provide compliance to any brand. We don’t look at the brand, we look at a rack’s safety in accordance with the current Australian Standard. Coupled with an understanding of the manufacturer’s requirements, PRQ Australia provides our clients with a comprehensive rack assessment and compliance process.

Repairs and Compliance – PRQ Australia can access materials from any brand, both
imported and locally manufactured. This allows us to effectively support our clients along all points of the repairs and compliance process, regardless of their needs. PRQ Australia has a dedicated Repairs and Compliance team based in our Brisbane Head Office that can arrange and coordinate a client’s repairs across the nation in a prompt and efficient manner.

What to expect during your full service audit

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