Carpet racking (or vinyl racking) is an efficient method to store long rolls of carpet or any other flooring or rolled-up material.

Vinyl Racking, carpet racking

Racks to store carpet


This design of racking allows for efficient use of space, is highly customisable, and adjustable if your products change over time.

The alternative is storing carpet on pallets which is cumbersome, or building a ‘carpet pyramid’ which is potentially dangerous if the pyramid collapses. Using carpet racking is estimated to be 3 to 4 times more efficient than using alternative storage methods.


Pallet racking frames of 1200mm are regularly used rather than the standard 840mm depth. The upright frames are then connected with spacer bars. Any depth of carpet roll can be catered for, from smaller fabric rolls at 1200mm in length up to extra-long rolls at 5 or 6 metres. Maximum frame height of approximately 4000mm is used as product handling above this height becomes a lot more challenging. The frame importantly provides the security from carpet rolls rolling off the rack.

Vinyl, fabric or underlay racking, carpet racking

Frontal view of double bay of carpet racking


Pallet racking beams are specified based on the load requirement of your carpet. Beam levels are dictated only by the diameter of the carpet rolls and the number of rolls stored on each beam level. Particle board is used on each level to distribute weight evenly across the rack and not distort or damage the product. The width of the carpet rack bay can vary from 1372mm up to 4500mm depending on the customer’s requirements.


To complement your racking it is advisable, and probably compulsory to acquire a forklift attachment called a spike mount, carpet pole or a roll shagger. This essential piece of equipment is attached to your forklift tynes or mast and is inserted into the carpet roll centre hole for easy lifting. Importantly, the load capacity of your forklift decreases with a spike due to the extended load centre.

forkliftspike, carpet racking



Carpet racking is very flexible with the ability to adjust the height of shelves to meet the changing types of carpets stored. Additionally, various formats are available to cater for small diameter carpet rolls, rugs and fabric. Call the sales team at PRQ for a friendly discussion regarding the many options available in storing carpet.



Whether you’re a small independent carpet retailer or a large carpet wholesaler, PRQ can provide and install carpet racking to suit your needs.

  • Efficiently utilise vertical space in your warehouse and free up storage for other products
  • Reduce the time to store and retrieve carpet rolls
  • Prevent costly damage to  your inventory
  • Stop carpet rolling and falls (reduce your workplace health and safety risk)