Australia’s food storage regulations are amongst the strictest in the world and are designed to deliver healthy, fresh and uncontaminated products to consumers. In Brisbane, and Queensland, warm tropical temperatures make the process of storing food, pharmaceuticals and other perishable items a very important matter. Food Storage Australia has set out guidelines for the temperature control of potentially hazardous foods.

Cold room, cold room storage

Foods that are deemed to be potentially hazardous are required to be kept chilled at 5 degrees or colder. Other food types are to be kept frozen until required. According to HACCP Australia, fresh ingredients, such as vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat and dairy require a cold room for storage. Processed foods, including ready to eat meals, dairy products (especially custard and dairy based desserts), cooked rice and pasta, and foods containing eggs, beans, nuts or other protein rich foods are all considered potentially hazardous.

The type of racking chosen for a cold room is important. High moisture levels are present in cold rooms and corrosion occurs quickly. Plastic, stainless steel and galvanised materials are strongly recommended over powder-coated and other more corrosive materials.

Hygiene and cleaning is another important issue. Mesh shelving helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt or dust on a shelf. Easily detachable and washable shelving units are another important consideration.


Cold room, Gal shelving unit, gal shelving, shelving, cold room storage

In larger cold room facilities, selective pallet racking, double deep racking, gravity fed and drive-in racking have all been utilised with success by the PRQ team in the past. The biggest issue is the efficient use of space as a larger poorly utilised cold room will result in energy costs in excess of the already high costs you are likely to be paying.

PRQ’s team has many years of experience in the design and supply of cold room shelving and racking. Additionally our in-house installation crews are experienced with the constraints of working in temperatures below 4 degrees.

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