Gravity Flow Racking

Gravity Flow  racking (or Gravity Feed) includes both (i) carton flow, and (ii) pallet flow, racking systems.

2 basy of carton flow rack, gravity flow racking

Carton Flow Racking

cartons flowing on rollers with the assistance of gravity, gravity flow racking

Carton Flow Racking

These systems involve the flow of product along rollers from the loading side of the rack to the unloading side of the rack. Gravity aids in gently moving the product along the rack so that it can be picked on a first in – first out basis. This is ideal for ensuring regular stock rotation.

This form of racking is especially useful for high throughput product with a low number of SKUs. It allows for both a higher density of storage and a medium specificity of product.

Gravity flow systems can be constructed to meet the exact needs of a warehouse. Flow shelves ranging from a few products up to 20 products are achievable. Similarly, shelving levels from 1 to 8 metres high are possible depending on the stocking and picking equipment used.

Single Bay of carton Flow Racking, gravity flow racking

Single Bay of carton Flow Racking

Modern roller systems come in a variety of sizes and weight ratings and are generally safe and inexpensive.  Smaller systems can be self installed. Larger fitouts will require the use of an experienced installer. Talk to the PRQ team today on 07 38412233 or for more information on gravity flow shelving and racking.

Forklift picking pallets fom racking utilising gravity fed rollers, gravity flow racking

Pallet Flow Racking