Health and Safety in the Warehouse

A culture of safety is essential for any warehouse and storage businesses. Many Brisbane and Queensland warehouses are to congratulated in creating a secure and organised work environment. Others need to improve their game. Although may require a bit of effort, safety consciousness definitely brings many advantages to both management and workers. So here‘s a few of the more common safety and health hazards, and some tips to prevent them in your workplace:

Poor Housekeeping

One of the most common safety issues is poor housekeeping. Damaged racking systems and messy aisles are the results of poor warehouse maintenance. While clutter may seem harmless it results in obstructing the flow of people and materials through the warehouse. The result is a dramatic increase in the potential for accidents and injury.  Start improving your housekeeping by implementing a strict policy on tidiness. It should include daily and weekly checks by management. Secondly, if storage is limited then consult a warehouse specialist for necessary repairs or to discuss extension options to your racking. Splicing of existing racking to increase your warehouse storage capacity is an inexpensive solution.

The Unreachable

Storing and stacking items at an inappropriate height may have poor safety consequences. Workers may experience strain and injury as a result. To prevent this, use wire shelving or particle board shelving  at an appropriate height (should be at shoulder level and at least above-the-waist). This also enables you to free up valuable space for bigger items in the higher or lower areas of your racking. When it comes to vertical storage, a walkie stacker or  wave machine are options to reduce worker injury.

The Trip to Injury

Slips and trips are another hazard in the warehouse safety that occur far too often. Floor pits and cracks, liquid spills, and stray cords are just some of the causes of injuries among your workers. In order to maintain a safe warehouse environment, commit to a regular safety check of your facility, with your employees present, to reduce trip hazards. With good practice, you’ll be able to develop a culture in your team of not leaving items lying around ready to be tripped over or slipped on.

The Unequipped Mind

Incorrect equipment usage can put your warehouse workers safety and health at risk. Some businesses experienced horrible accidents leading to deaths because of limited knowledge of tools, machinery and plant and equipment. Never take an employees life for granted by ensuring that all your team are thoroughly inducted in their work environment, have appropriate training, and equipment certification. Implement training and refresher courses so workers are aware of the possible consequences that may arise from machine usage incompetence.

The Fragile Worker

Not investing in appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for your staff  is an easy way to experience accidents. While some may have survive warehouse tasks without protection, it is still not wise to have unprotected workers. Avoid injuries by demanding compliance in wearing hi-vis clothing, eye wear, hearing protection, gloves, helmets, footwear, bodysuit, etc etc.  Impose strict labeling systems by adding signage to dangerous equipment and high risk areas and pathways. Preventive measures will benefit you and your business in the long run.

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