Space is something that many Queensland businesses run out of at some stage of their life.

Moving your entire business to larger premises is one option but apart from being expensive it causes significant disruption to operations during the period of the move.

Additional or adjoining space

is not always available at your location to simply extend in to. So, what is the alternative?

The answer may be simply to look upwards at all that unused airspace in your warehouse. Installing a mezzanine floor over the top of your current operations provides an excellent solution. It is a lot cheaper than extending current floor area, less disruptive and provides the additional space required in a much shorter time period.

Mezzanine floors are defined as a partial floor installed between two existing floors in a building or storage area without the need for massive and costly renovations or construction work.

Design of the floor must allow the user to increase space in a practical yet safe manner. Height clearance above and beneath the floor is a necessary consideration. Installation of railings and restraints to keep people and product falling is essential. The weight rating of the floor to establish maximum product loading is vitally important.

Other matters you need to be mindful of when considering a mezzanine floor in your Brisbane warehouse:

• Do you need a structure that is permanent? or transportable if you ever relocate? The great advantage of pallet racking mezzanine floors is they are easy to construct and deconstruct if you need to move.
• The design must take into consideration environmental conditions. The great thing about Queensland is seismic activity is minimal. In areas with regular earthquakes the need for thicker and higher grade steel in your structure is compulsory. Conversely, flooding can be a massive issue in Queensland and in low lying areas, like Rocklea in Brisbane, so an elevated mezzanine is great for getting product off warehouse floors in times of possible flooding.
• The design and construction must adhere to the Queensland or Australian Building Code.
• Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. Do you need open or closed treads on the staircase? Do you need relevant signage warning of hazards? Do you need to preclude customers and certain employees from this area? Do you require screening to prevent items stored on the mezzanine floor from falling and injuring people of the ground floor?
• Will a loading platform be required to deposit products from the ground?
• Is there a need for shelving and racking underneath or above the mezzanine floor? The nice thing about pallet racking uprights is they can be used under the floor for shelving and, likewise, be extended through the floor to create shelving.

Installing a mezzanine floor is the quickest and most cost effective way for any business to increase their usable space and not suffer long disruptive building or moving alternatives. They are cost effective, and quick and easy to install.

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