A pallet racking layout is essential for every warehouse to function properly. Without it, everything will be cluttered, and products will be hard to find. Designing pallet racking can be a complicated process if you don’t know what you’re doing, though.

You won’t just have to worry about keeping it organised, but also the pallet racking safety. Keeping a few considerations in mind makes sure you’re designing and laying out everything the right way.

If you need to sort out your pallet racking, it’s worth diving into five of these considerations.

Pallet Racking Layout: 5 Key Considerations

1. Warehouse Environment

The pallet racking system you should use depends heavily on your warehouse environment. Know where you’ll be putting the racks so you can narrow down your options based on whether they’ll be a good fit for that particular use. The products you work with make a difference in this.

Some will need to be kept in freezing temperatures, for example, while others wouldn’t. Keep this in mind when you’re designing a pallet racking layout for your needs. It’ll make sure you’re actually able to use them once you have them set up. You wouldn’t want to end up returning and replacing them, after all.

2. Budget & ROI

How much you have to spend when you’re designing your pallet racking systems plays a large role in your considerations. You’ll only have a certain amount to spend on it, after all. You shouldn’t just go for the cheapest option you can, however. Instead, it’s worth getting value for your money.

Focusing on the return on investment you’ll get for your money is a practical area to look at. How durable the system is, whether you’ll have to replace it soon, and multiple other factors all play a role in this. Then there’s the pallet racking safety to keep in mind when you’re doing this. Don’t compromise on it.

3. SKU/Pallet Count

Every warehouse has a specific amount of stock keeping units (SKUs) they’ll need to keep track of. This is directly related to your pallet count and how it’s laid out. By knowing your SKUs, you can sort out your pallet count accordingly. Only you or your operations manager will know this, but it’s best to keep it in mind.

If you have a low number of SKUs, then a selective pallet racking system can be recommended. With a higher number of SKUs and pallets, it’s better worth investing in a better pallet flow racking system. Make sure you keep this in mind when designing your pallet racking layout.


4. Product Flow & Accessibility Requirements

Not all products move at the same rate in any warehouse. Some will simply move faster than others. Know which of your products have a quicker turnaround than others and use this with your pallet racking layout. It’ll make sure the pallets are laid out in a way that actually helps with moving your products around.

By designing pallet racking with this in mind, it makes moving faster products much more accessible. You’ll have a better idea of where to keep certain pallet racks and which products to keep on them, especially when it comes to high-turnaround items. You’ll see smoother operations because of it.

5. Size & Type

One of the more notable considerations in a pallet racking layout are the pallets you plan on using. They can come in various sizes and types, both of which can have a significant impact when you’re planning out and implementing your system. Make sure you know what these measurements are before making any decisions.

Rough guesses won’t be enough with this, so make sure you actually measure your pallets and know they’re exact dimensions. The different types of pallets you can get will also play a role in this, as some need to be kept under different conditions than others, making them important when you’re designing your rack layout.


Even with the key considerations above, the proper pallet racking layout can be difficult to wrap your head around. You’ll want to make sure it’s done right, but mightn’t even know where to start with it. If you’re worried about pallet racking safety, the overall layout itself, and other factors, get in touch with some professionals.

At PRQ Australia, we’re experts in designing pallet racking in a safe and customised way. Our experienced team doesn’t just keep pallet racking safety in mind, but you and your facility’s needs.

If you’re based in Queensland, get in touch with our pallet racking team today so we can get started with helping you.