Narrow Aisle Racking

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  • Narrow Aisle Racking | Side View
Narrow Aisle Racking | Side View

Product Overview

Narrow aisle racking is the best for limited floor space; the racking solution that saves space through accessible and maximum storage capacity to every quick order-picking and every pallet. Narrow aisle pallet racking has many advantages and main one is the optimal use of space with quick order-picking.

  • Ability to create a more compact storage space
  • 40-50% increase of products
  • Forklifts have been designed for this type of racking
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About Narrow Aisle Racking

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If you’re anxious about the forklift movements, narrow aisle is still a good choice. Modern forklifts are remodelled so they can move in smaller spaces making them suitable for narrow aisle racking. Remodelled trucks are now designed with swingmasts and forks that are articulated for aisles as narrow as 65” without the requirement for guidance systems. This opens the possibility of increasing return of investments (ROI) as space is at maximum storage potential.

Narrow aisle racking is entirely selective. This means that every pallet needs to be accessed. Configurations of pallet racking can be done in different ways according to the needs and load requirements. Still, the main goal is to provide the best storage economics. Moreover, in this racking system lesser floor space is an advantage. Workers won’t be subjected to leaving pallet debris around enabling a healthy working environment.

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