Pallet Levels

How many pallet levels can I put on my racking?

Let’s assume that you use standard fully loaded pallets with dimensions of 1200mm x 1200mm x 1300mm (Diagram 3.1). Note this can vary and some pallets can be longer, wider, shorter or taller. In addition, you leave a recommended minimum clearance of 150mm between the top of a pallet and the bottom of the beam above it (Diagram 3.2).

Using these assumptions then beams (Diagram 3.3) on a double pallet bay should be placed at:

  • 1550mm for a 1 level pallet rack (4 pallets)
  • 3100mm for a 2 level pallet rack (6 pallets)
  • 4650mm for a 3 level pallet rack (8 pallets)


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