The conventional ways of managing warehouses are slowly being replaced by modern ones. A warehouse should strive to have all its processes optimised for easy and quick storage, easy picking up, and maximisation of space.

Mobile Pallet Racks

A mobile pallet rack is a storage system where products are stored in the form of compact pallets. This storage option makes it easy for goods to be stored in a dense manner but at the same time giving space to easily access them.

A mobile racking system is ideal for warehouses where there is space restriction. Pallets are placed in racks containing mobile bases. This is meant to utilize any space available and avoid wastage.

The system allows the isles to be opened and closes when necessary. Mobile racks are able to increase your storage capacity by 80 percent. However, it is imperative to conduct Pallet Racking Safety Inspections Brisbane regularly.

Below are some of the reason to Use Mobile Pallet Racking in your Warehouse:

  1. Quick Access to Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

an old man stocking the pallet racks in a warehouse

If your business deals with a large amount of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) that require constant access, then a mobile pallet racking system is all you need. For such kind of business, a selective pallet system will do a good job. This is because the system has several pallet bays.

  1. Maximises Storage Space

huge boxes stocked in pallet racks

As mentioned earlier, a mobile pallet system is able to save storage space by 80 percent. The pallet racks allow the storage of packages in a vertical manner, hence utilising the height of the storage facility rather than the floor space.

Besides, the pallet bays can be put on top of one another to attain vertical stacking. However, there are limits as far as the height of stacks is concerned.

  1. Bulk Storage

huge storage boxes stacked up in a warehouse

Mobile pallet racks also work best for warehouses that handle few but heavy Stock Keeping Units. In this case, a good number of packages are stored put within the same SKU. There are several options of pallet racks that can fit for bulk storage.

You can go for a drive-through, drive-in pallet rack, a pallet flow, or a push back pallet racking system. These options permit bulk packaging, reducing the number of isles required to get to the product.

  1. Safety Optimization

two warehouse employees transporting a stack of boxes across the warehouse

The use of appropriate and efficient pallet racking systems helps in improving safety in a warehouse. Some of the areas where safety is improved by the use of mobile pallet racking include height restrictions, forklift operations, worker logistics, and pallet and load weight.

Importance of Maintaining Pallet Racking Safety

It is important that you maintain the safety of your mobile pallet racking by carrying out regular Pallet Racking Safety Inspections Brisbane. Such inspections will help you to identify any areas that may be posing danger to the safety of your employees.

Additionally, Pallet Racking Safety Inspections Brisbane is vital in ensuring that your storage facility is well kept. This will not only keep your products organised but also offer a friendly environment for your employees to operate it.