Satellite racking

Satellite racking is also known as the shuttle racking. This racking has few similarities in nature to Drive-in racking. The main difference is that each level of satellite racking can be a separate SKU. Moreover, a shuttle cart is positioned to rails which are under the pallet rails. This allows travel into the rack and then lifts up the pallet to bringing back the front of the rack.  Since it is a bit similar in nature with drive-in racking, this racking type uses either FIFO or LIFO system.

This racking type and system was pioneered by EAB fromScandinavia. They marketed the product with BT, the fork truck company. Although the popularity of the satellite racking started gradually, few companies like Pallet Runner followed EAB.satellite racking

Today, satellite pallet racking is commonly used for high density storage with limited staffing levels. The technology of the remote-controlled shuttles can carry goods in and out of deep tunnels of storage, reducing operator’s pile-up of tasks. A standard forklift truck can be used to relocate the shuttle from one lane to another.

This racking technology can also handle different pallet types (even the custom sizes), ensuring to store pallets with either short or long side leading. Some satellite racking uses a counter rotation principle which allows operators to rapidly move pallets at a speed rate of 30 – 120 pallets per hour per storage/retrieval machine (S/Rm) while guaranteeing safety of pallets.

The automatic satellite vehicles are the perfect ideal warehouse management tool because these vehicles serve the rack systems independently. Moreover, they can be used in large numbers of compact storage with a high throughput.  But the more diversity in the mixture of articles in channels (various unit loads in one aisle), the more single pick-ups, organizational operations and re-storing are required. Thus, this method must be performed by those who are in the warehouse control. Improving the implementation of retrieval orders can be achieved by moving single unit loads near the retrieval point early.

The Benefits of Satellite Racking

          Large accumulations of loads on pallets are one of the great advantages of satellite racking since it boasts a multi-depth structure with innovative remote control satellite. Satellite racking opens the possibility of stocking a single item with great number of pallets in its depth on every level. This type of racking is a fusion of the traditional and automatic system taking the finest qualities from both of the systems.

The utilisation of this racking syshuttle ready to load pallets for storagestem to retrieve and store pallets in a high-density multiple deep system configuration
can definitely increase size of existing storage space. Aside from this, satellite racking can also:

  • Easily integrate order picking.
  • Handle different pallet types.
  • Quickly store and retrieve pallets in single, double and multiple deep racking structures.
  • Store pallets with either short or side leading.