Storage units! They all come in handy sometimes. Whether you are downsizing your belongings or decluttering your home, you will find that they are the best option to take when it comes on to storing items. But not everyone is aware of how to use them effectively. So listed below are five (5) ways how you can safely keep your things in a storage unit.


A Pallet Racking Brisbane is a type of storage system that allows you to store your items on flat shelves that firmly supports their weight. They hold objects in an orderly manner which creates more storage space for the users. In addition to that, they also help to prevent your goods from getting damaged regardless of the length of time that they spend in the storage unit. If you are planning to store some items away in a storage unit safely, then now would be a great time to consider utilizing a Pallet Racking Brisbane. There are many different pallet racking systems, so it is always best to choose the type that is most convenient to you. Remember, the safety of your items come first, so think about that each time you have to store something away.

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Though this may go without saying, a lot of people forget to do it. It is important to wrap things like glasses or crockery with either newspaper or bubble wrap as doing so will help to prevent them from getting unwanted cracks or breaking completely during the storage process. Accidents do happen, especially in storage units, so the best thing you can do is to go the extra mile to ensure that your fragile items are always protected


To put it simply, labeling goes a far way in storage units. The last thing you need is to have your items get mixed up with someone else’s. Labeling also helps to differentiate how your items are handled in storage. For example, a box labeled ‘clothes’ will be handled differently from a box labeled as ‘fragile.’ Labeling will also help to save you hours of rifling through boxes to find your favorite dishtowel when you could easily open the box labeled ‘kitchen items.


It is no secret that dust can cause your items to deteriorate quicker, especially when they are locked away in a storage unit. That is why it is important to always give your items a thorough cleaning before storing them away. Certain type of items are also prone to things like molds or bug infestation, so cleaning them beforehand prevents bacteria of all kind from forming

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All objects that can be easily dismantled should be taken apart to make them easier to pack away. Doing this will help to prevent them from getting damaged and will also allow them to fit into a smaller storage space