Pallet racks are a staple of commerce and industry, like a backbone of logistical operations. At PRQ, we offer high end pallet rack solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you think you don’t need pallet racks, you could be making a mistake. Here are some of the benefits.

Make Better Use of Available Space

All over the world, space is at a premium. Whether you have a massive warehouse for an international operation or a small garage for your eCommerce business, making better use of space is essential. Not only does efficient use of space allow you to stack and store your product, but you can maintain your premises’ size by maximizing all available space. 

You can double or triple your maximum storage capacity by racking up your items and freeing up floor space for other uses like an expanded office or safer forklift trucks and employee gangways. Pallets from PRQ are among some of the best anywhere in the world. Our pallets give you better chances to streamline your warehouse operations and scale efficiency.

Increase Your Health and Safety

The health and safety of your employees are of paramount importance. All too often, poor pallet rack systems cause many issues. Some fall over, others don’t work well with stacking machines, and occasionally they are a tripping hazard. Additionally, some pallets simply break. Pallets from PRQ are made from durable materials and don’t come apart at the slightest mishap. 

In addition to our pallets being manufactured with safety in mind, we also offer independent pallet rack inspections. We can come and inspect your pallet systems and offer advice for making them safer. However, our pallet racks are among the safest available. We manufacture our pallets to specific standards, rather than you having a mish-mash of incompatible racks.

Address Recycling and Sustainability

Almost every industry on the planet can do more to help the planet. And at PRQ, we believe that it’s an industrial responsibility. Advanced pallets, like ours, are made from durable materials that don’t break easily. Therefore, they last much longer than the standard flimsy wooden pallets that most sectors use. Essentially, you need a superior pallet rack system across your site.

We offer many types of pallet racks for any sector. In addition to standard racks, we provide durable carpet racking, drive-in racking, and narrow storage for better use of space. With our pallet systems, you can maximize your contribution to going green. With a change in materials and methods, you can improve the sustainability issues at your warehouse or business.

Affordable and Flexible Rack Management

Pallet racking done properly can help your business run more efficiently than the competition. Our friendly team at PRQ is available to help with all your pallet rack needs. Our pallets help with using space more efficiently, health and safety and staying sustainable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for quotes, queries, and advice. Drop us a line at the following number:

Landline: (0400) 447 439

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