Tyre Racking

If you trade in tyres then you will appreciate that they need to be stored properly. Stacking them in piles or randomly placing them on shelves does not work! They either roll away or you spend half your day moving tyres around in attempting to pick a tyre at the bottom of the pile. Tyre racking is the answer!

Tyre racking in Brisbane, Queensland, or Australia generally is a necessary storage system if you warehouse tyres. There are a wide range of options including truck and large vehicle racks and wheel racks. Lightweight pallet racking or long-span shelving lends itself nicely to the storing of tyres.

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Car tyre racking


The tyres sit between two beams. Car tyres weigh anywhere between 7 and 15 Kgs and generally have a width of 200mm to 300mm. On average, a tyre rack shelf with a 2591 beam length will hold between 8 and 12 tyres. With car tyres a gap of 450mm between the horizontal beams is common. Where a smaller or larger gap is required then frame bracing can be quickly customised to your specific needs.

In general, tyre rack upright frames rarely are greater than 2440mm in height as handling above this height will require specialised fork lift attachments.

Picture comparing wheel, tyre and truck tyre sizes, Tyre racking

Larger tyres such as those used on trucks and tractors simply require a heavier gauge of racking. In this case the PRQ team would recommend beams with a rating of approximately 1000Kgs. The gap between truck and tractor tyres will often range between 700mm and 1000mm.


Wheel racking is another style of racking that is often requested. A smaller gap is required between the beams. Additionally, protective rubber is glued to the beams to minimise damage to the wheels from rubbing against the steel beams.

Regardless of your needs the team at PRQ has many years of experience in providing tyre racking advice. Give them a call today on 07 38412233 for a chat.