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  • Tyre Racking | Tyre Shelving

Product Overview

If you trade in tyres then you will appreciate that they need to be stored properly. Stacking them in piles or randomly placing them on shelves does not work! They either roll away or you spend half your day moving tyres around in attempting to pick a tyre at the bottom of the pile. Tyre racking is the answer!

  • The best solution to storing tyres
  • Wide range of options suited to different sized tyres
  • Maximise the space in your workshop
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About Tyre Racking

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Tyre racking is a great alternative to stacking tyres on the floor as there is less risk of the tyres falling and injuring someone. Storing tyres vertically also reduces the manual handling required when picking up tyres, which provides added benefits for your employees.

Another added benefit of using a tyre racking system over a traditional stacking system is the product can be labelled clearly, allowing you to efficiently organise the tyres that you store, saving yourself and your staff time and money. Contact PRQ today to discuss the best tyre racking solution for your business.

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