Safety is important in everywork place and employees have a right to feel safe and secure everytime they go to work. Many businesses across the nation do their best everyday to ensure this safety, however, many do need to make improvements. Safety within Warehouse workspaces is especially important because when Pallet Racking systems fail the consequences can be catastrophic, not only to employees but to stock and supplies. This is way having regular pallet racking safety inspections is integral in any workspace. Below are a few important things to keep on top of to ensure the safe keeping of your work environment.


Poor housekeeping can lead to a number a issues and can reap havok in the workplace. Damaged pallet racking systems and messy floors are the result of poor housekeeping, and clutter can result in obstruction of people and activity within your warehouse. Other than a lack of efficiency, poor housekeeping poses the risk for accidents and injury. Mitigating injury should be number one priority and having regular pallet racking safety inspections is a great way to ensure that your warehouse systems are in top form. 

Mop and sign cleaning in progress

Shelf Contents

Packing and stacking supplies at an inappropriate high is a sure-fire way to an injury. It is important to store supplies at an appropriate high to minimise the risk of strain and injury – packing heavier or bulkier items closer to the ground can make more room for smaller items that are easier to reach. Having a pallet racking safety inspection regularly can help insure your racking systems are in good condition and give you ideas to better store your supplies. 

drink stock on a shelf

Tripping Hazards

Slips and Trips are another hazard that can cause lots of trouble in your warehouse and occur more often then they should. To maintain warehouse safety, you should conform to regular safety checks and hold training sessions for employees so that they understand how to stay safe in a warehouse environment. 

Warehouse with stock on the floor

Maintaining workplace health and safety is an integral part of any workplace, but it is particularly important in industrial or warehouse environments. Having regular safety and training sessions in conjunction with having regular pallet racking safety inspections are important steps to help run your warehouse smoothly.