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Warehouse Racking Inspection Overview

Having a warehouse racking inspection is integral in mitigating the chance of injury due to structual damage. Your Pallet Racking Queensland design will experience aging so it is important to keep up regular warehouse racking inspections.

This occurs, most commonly, in the form of:

  • Damage to safety locks

  • Damage to the frames

  • Loose floor fittings

  • Loosening of nuts and bolts

  • Damage to the supporting posts

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About Our Warehouse Racking Inspections

Do you know if your warehouse racking system complies with Australian Standard 4084 2012?

Any of the warehouse racking that you have installed in your workplace needs to be designed specially for the products that you are storing in order to adhere to the WH&S & Australian Standards 4084.  

This standard outlines particulars including minimum design, fabrication and erection tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance of steel storage racking.

This applies to the majority of Warehouse racking systems across Queensland and Australia-wide. It’s essential that you are getting your Warehouse Racking System inspected every 12 months, to ensure your racking systems meet all safety requirments. 

Below are some recommendations you can follow to ensure your Gold Coast Pallet Racking System meets standards:

  • Ensure your Warehouse Racking System is inspected 12 monthly.
  • Ensure that you are given a racking inspection report and safety manual. Keep this in a safe place that is easily accessible.
  • Ensure adequate staff training.
  • Ensure employees know load capacity for your installed racking system.
  • Make sure you have processes in place for emergency.

At PRQ our team provide a full service Warehouse Racking Inspection, working with both large and small companies across Queensland and beyond.

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Our Warehouse Racking Inspections Process

During the inspection, we will consider a range of questions relating to each part of your warehouse racking system.


  1. We will inspect that the beams of your warehouse racking system closely ensuring there is no overloading. We ensure all beams are parallel and correctly assembled. 
  1. We will also ensure that there are no welds or beams that have been damaged through everyday wear and tear. It is important to pick up damage early to avoid any possible injury. 
  1. We check to ensure each beam has the appropriate connectors and safety clips.
  1. We make sure each anchor bolt to ensure that the racking is secured on the ground.
  1. Finally, we ensure the load capacity of the beams are displayed clearly.

Braces: We make sure to check if any warehouse racking braces are bent are replaced immediatley and ensure there are no deviations more than 1cm. 

Floor Fixings: We also inspect floor fixings and make replaces where necessary.

Completely Verticle: It’s important to ensure the racking system is verticle. When racking systems aren’t installed correctly they can move when under strain, we ensure these issues are rectified immediately. 

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While ensuring the safety of your employees, a warehouse racking inspection will give you knowledge on what to look out for and what types of damage can occur.

When it comes to deciding who is the best company to inspect your warehouse racking system,  choosing a supplier like PRQ will offer you an unbiased opinion on the possible safety hazards and damage to the system.  

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