Warehouse safety is extremely important – with those who work there and the stock stored under risks if not properly maintained. Pallet Racking Queensland offer Pallet Racking Brisbane safety inspections to ensure your sites are kept in top condition.

Man driving forklifk around warehouse


1. Have An Emergency Evacuation Plan

If a fire were to occur on the job at Pallet Racking Brisbane, the most essential thing is employee safety. Every warehousing employee needs to know the emergency evacuation route, as well as all of the exits. A supervisor or team leader should be in charge of acquiring a head count of their people to assure that everyone has safely left the building.

2. Housekeeping, Housekeeping, Housekeeping

An essential aspect of a good evacuation plan is a clear evacuation route. Ensure that no Pallet Racking Brisbane exits are blocked, all fire extinguishers are accessible, and that there is no debris or trash that can contribute to potential fire hazards. Every exit route needs to be clear and preferably, marked out, and with an emergency evacuation route map posted where it can be accessible to different parts of the warehouse, easily visible.

3. Signs and Placards

Ensure that flammable materials are labeled correctly and that they are stored in proper containers. Segregate these items per local Fire Protection Regulations, and that all occupational safety regulations are abided by employees of Pallet Racking Brisbane.

4. Firefight Within Reasonable Capacity

Ensure that all fire safety systems are functional, and have been tested at appropriate intervals; including: sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms. Ensure that appropriate fire extinguisher classifications are stored near corresponding work stations. The six classifications are:

Class A: Ordinary Combustible

Class B: Flammable Liquids

Class C: Flammable Gases

Class D: Combustible Metals

Class E: Electrical Equipment

Class F: Cooking Oils and Fats

Ensure that all employees are properly trained on the proper use of these extinguishers, and that nothing in the warehouse blocks access to them at all times.

5. Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and Fire Safety.

Ensure that all PPE necessary for the workplace is worn while in the work area. Completing thousands of jobs without incident is not an excuse to be out of PPE. Just one time can have disastrous consequences, including ignition of clothing, skin burns, eye damage, permanent disfigurement and death. Train employees of Pallet Racking Brisbane as to the importance of PPE and enforce strict reprimand for failure to abide by PPE policies.

6. Safety Training

Host weekly toolbox talks or safety meetings to discuss safety incidents and fire safety violations, as well as discussing solutions to such incidents as a team. Only by working together can the safety risk posed by fire hazards be mitigated.

7. Local Occupational Safety Regulations

Abide by all occupational safety and health standards, including no smoking at all in the workplace. Abide by all Pallet Racking Brisbane Brisbane tobacco policies.