The warehouse is such an imperative part of your business that taking time to redesign it might raise concerns. For example, you may wonder if closing the warehouse temporarily and reallocating some of the supplies is the best idea. However, some indications should tell you that the time has come to redesign the warehouse.

Overloaded Space

large boxes stacked inside a warehouse

In addition to creating confusion when trying to find products, overloaded spaces can cause pose fire hazards and other safety concerns. Getting creative with spacing means that you don’t necessarily need to put an extension on the building. For example, a good check of the warehouse may reveal some items that you can properly dispose of. Then, you can work on implementing more effective storage and organisational solutions, thereby ensuring that you pass Pallet Racking Safety Inspections in the future.

Ventilation Issues

an empty warehouse

You might notice a decrease in productivity during the warmer months as your employees struggle to maintain high levels of work in the heat and humidity. In addition to creating discomfort, these conditions can also be quite dangerous for your employees’ health. Installing a new ventilation system can help to keep your employees cool and more comfortable.

Electrical Problems

young adult electrician builder engineer worker in front of fuse switch board

The electric in the warehouse might be old or in need of some upgrades. Keep in mind that electrical safety is imperative. Issues with electricity could lead to shocks or fires. If you have wires running in the wrong places, the space might be in danger of an electrical fire. Even before you get the Pallet Racking Safety Inspections completed, you can make sure that these storage solutions are not causing any dangers. For example, you would not want to sit them on top of wires.

Inefficient Assembly Line

a group of people packing cardboard boxes

If your employees use an assembly line to package products, you must consider if the current order of tasks is efficient. Employees may certain have to walk across the warehouse to get to the next step of the process, and this procedure could take up an unnecessary amount of time. Work with your employees to determine the most efficient method for achieving the final product. Then, redesign the warehouse to support those efforts.

Accessibility Issues

two tall elevators

Your current warehouse may pose accessibility issues for some of your employees. For example, if the warehouse has more than one story, consider if adding in an elevator is a possibility for employees who are limited in terms of mobility. Even in the event that none of your current employees require modifications related to accessibility issues, consider how your company is likely to grow in the future. Developing a more accessible workplace now can help your business to attract the top employees and to bolster productivity in the future.

Distance from Safety Inspections

two men inspecting a warehouse

If some time has gone by since you last had a safety inspection, whether Pallet Racking Safety Inspections or other types, now is the time to have that inspection. By scheduling an inspection, you can better learn what changes your company needs to be a safer place for employees to work.