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Product Overview

Double Deep Racking is alike to selective racking; however pallets are stored in two rows deep instead of one. Specialised pallet handling equipment is a requisite in this type of racking.

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About Double Deep Racking

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Double deep is ideal to products that have minimum of four or five pallets per SKU : IC, allowing rotation of two-deep lanes to provide practical location utilization. However, this type of racking can’t give instant access to each individual pallet; thus, it does not work for strict first-In-first-Out storage.

To serve double deep racking, special reach trucks are required. This enables forks to extend far enough to reach the rear pallet.

Telescopic forks or extending outward scissor mechanism can be used to achieve the best results. However, reach trucks require a counter balance for unloading and loading pallets, which can double capital investment requirements for your pallet handling equipment.

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